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Chrono Trigger Mobius - Marle the Cat by Gamma-V Chrono Trigger Mobius - Marle the Cat :icongamma-v:Gamma-V 1 1 Chrono Trigger Mobius - Crono the Hedgehog by Gamma-V Chrono Trigger Mobius - Crono the Hedgehog :icongamma-v:Gamma-V 2 0
Mecha Sonic Reborn - Chapter 21
After fending off the Egg-Metal and patching up the damage done to the Metal Vanguard, its crew relaxed as the ship made its way to the delapidated Scrap Brain Zone.
"Destination approaching," announed Avina before running a scan on the abandoned factory complex.  "Power appears to have failed throughout the facitity due to generator failure.  Good thing the sun's still out."
"Good thing we can SEE the sun here," added Sonic, remembering how the thick smog the factory produced in its prime practically blocked out the sunlight and rendered the sky a putrid yellow-brown.  "I remember when this place was spewing so much crud into the air that it was impossible to see it."  Sonic shook his head and shuddered.
"This talk about power supplies is making me consider upgrading this ship to solar power," commented Gray.  "Perhaps it can be done with materials salvaged from this factory."
"Well, provided that crazy Egg-Metal doesn't come back, we should have
:icongamma-v:Gamma-V 1 0
Primm Oval by Gamma-V Primm Oval :icongamma-v:Gamma-V 0 1 Kevin and Luna by Gamma-V Kevin and Luna :icongamma-v:Gamma-V 1 0
Mecha Sonic Reborn - Chapter 20
As soon as everyone got on board, the Metal Vanguard lifted off, carrying Steel and his friends to South Island.
"Avina, was it?" began Sonic, not having properly been introduced to the ship's pilot AI.
"Yes Sonic.  How may I help you?"
"How long is this gonna take?"
"Our ETA is three hours and fifteen minutes.  I always plot the most efficient route to a destination.  You have only been on this ship for two minutes.  Are you getting bored already?"
Sonic scratched his back-most quill.  "Yeah, I kinda am."
"Don't take it personally, Avina.  Sonic bores easily," commented Tails.
"It would appear so," the AI replied in agreement, a hint of weariness in her voice.  These first signs of personality caused Gray to smile.  His creation was growing out faster than expected, all thanks to a hyperactive blue Hedgehog.
Steel, meanwhile, leaned back in his seat near the cockpit, with Tia seated next to them.  Both were watching an episode of
:icongamma-v:Gamma-V 2 0
Mecha Sonic Reborn - Chapter 19
Gray continued to work into the night, finishing Tia's covering before approaching Rusty with an offer to upgrade him as well.  The robot formerly known as Metal Knuckles gladly accepted the offer, wanting to be able to smile back at Teyla when she smiled at him.
"I think you have strong feelings for Teyla.  Am I right, Rusty?" asked the de facto Smart Guy of the Metal Team.
"Yes, I do.  I did...since I first saw her."  Rusty would be blushing if he could.
While Gray worked on Rusty's android body, Steel and Tia sat outside in front of the Metal Vanguard with Teyla, who simply looked up at the star-lit sky with a smile.
"Have you decided yet, Sis?" asked Tia, causing the timid gynoid to jump.
"I am...unsure.  Here, I will be alone, but...with you...I will be in danger."
"It's ultimately up to you.  I don't want you to be lonely, and...I would like to get to know my big sister better."
"I...can't fight."
"You don't have to," reassu
:icongamma-v:Gamma-V 1 0
Mecha Sonic Reborn - Chapter 18
"Destination approaching," announced Avina as the Metal Vanguard descended into the clearing near Tails' Workshop.  Outside, Tia could see what appeared to be an Arctic Vixen in her teens marveling at the shrubs that lined the building.  Hearing the roar of the airship's engines, the girl looked up before running back inside.  Seconds later, Tails and Sonic ran out, with the latter getting into a battle-ready stance, believing the Metal Vanguard to be one of Eggman's airships.
"I don't think this one's Dr. Eggman's, Sonic."
"Then whose could it be?" asked Sonic, not really knowing anyone else who would fly around in an airship.
"It's based on a prototype airship design I came up with recently.  I think it might be Steel's.  He did say something about wanting to build an airship for his Metal Rescue Mission."
Tails' hunch was confirmed when the hatch of the airship opened, and the robotic quartet emerged.
"Woah!  Is that Metal Knuckles?" as
:icongamma-v:Gamma-V 1 0
Mecha Sonic Reborn - Chapter 17
Now fully charged, both Steel and Gray rose from their charging stations to see Tia and Rusty hard at work building the beginning of an airship from the various scraps of metal scattered throughout the base.  Steel examined the work in progress and smiled.  "I never asked you two to go ahead and start with the airship.  I never expected you to either.  This is a pleasant surprise."
"Indeed it is," added Gray, who performed a more thorough scan of the airship to assess its structural integrity and viability as a flying vessel.  "I suppose that, being Tails' creation, Tia must have access to some of the same aircraft design data that I downloaded."
"It's best to work as quickly as possible," commented Tia.  "Who knows what could happen to the others if we're too slow?"
"I doubt that Dr. Eggman survived the Egg Carrier IV's crash.  Are you concerned about him getting to them before us?" asked Gray.
"That's exactly what I'm concerned about," a
:icongamma-v:Gamma-V 1 2
Mecha Sonic Reborn - Chapter 16
Steel wasn't quite sure what was happening to him.  He, along with Gray, were on standby while their power cells were being recharged.  Still, his optical sensors suddenly came online, but all he could see was a pair a red Metal-Style eyes shining in otherwise pure darkness.  He could then hear a familiar laugh.  "Metaro failed," taunted the voice of Dr. Eggman before a red Hedgehog-type Metal with black and gold accents appeared.  The mysterious robot's eyes glowed as it deployed a cable from its right hand that snaked out of Steel's visual feild briefly before returning, having ensnared a blocky, rust-covered silver Hedgebot that looked even more primitive than Gray's original Silver Sonic body.
"The Prototype!" Steel said out loud, rising from his charging pod.  "Don't!"
The Echidna android's panicked shouting quickly drew the attention of Tia and Rusty, who rushed over to his charging station.  "Steel, are you malfunctioning?" asked Rus
:icongamma-v:Gamma-V 1 0
Mecha Sonic Reborn - Chapter 15
It took several hours for Gray to finish repairing Tia, at which point he could feel his power cell getting low.  He managed to get the gynoid reactivated before searching for the nearest power conduit and plugging in.
"Where am I?" Tia asked before thoroughly scanning her surroundings.  "Oh...The Reactive Factory...Though it's definitely seen better days."
"I understand that your name is Tia," stated Rusty as he approached the Fox-based android.  "I am Rusty, formerly known as Metal Knuckles."
"Sounds like Gray and Steel were able to get you up and running with no problem.  Will you be coming with us when we search for the Metal Prototype?"
"I have joined the party, as has Rhodes," he replied, pointing to the rat on his shoulder, who was busy grooming himself.
"My data says you were noted as being 'too soft towards animals,' which Dr. Eggman considered concerning.  According to his personal log entries on you, he mentioned possibly progra
:icongamma-v:Gamma-V 0 0
Mecha Sonic Reborn - Chapter 14
Steel continued to hold Tia's inactive body close as he and Gray touched down near the abandoned Egg Base the elder Metal spotted after the three were ejected from the Egg Carrier IV.
"This place must have been abandoned for years," commented Steel as he studied the once-intimidating factory that had now become decrepit and overgrown with plant life.  Gray quickly used a Spin Attack to clear out the thick plantgrowth blocking the front door, which was covered in rust and only guarded by a security lock whose console was damaged by a combination of age and previous attacks by Eggman's enemies.  The gray-furred android was able to kick the door down effortlessly, granting himself and Steel access to the derelict facilities within.
Steel was the first to enter and scan his surroundings, which were poorly illuminated by the base's failing overhead lights.  Thankfully, his robotic nature allowed him to compensate for the poor lighting and get a decent view of t
:icongamma-v:Gamma-V 0 0
Metaro - Kid Form by Gamma-V Metaro - Kid Form :icongamma-v:Gamma-V 2 3
Mecha Sonic Reborn - Chapter 13
Within the Egg Carrier IV's cargo hold, Steel's systems slowly began rebooting, causing the android to stand up, dust himself off, and look around.  "What happened?  Where am I?  This doesn't look like the jungle."  He began to scratch behind his backmost dreadlock, thinking back to what lead up to his current situation.  "This must be Eggman's latest airship," he concluded before catching a glimpse of Tia's battered body.  He dashed over to his companion's side, almost tripping over Gray, who was now beginning his own rebooting process.  "Surely, this ship will have the materials necessary to repair Tia."
"That is likely," agreed Gray, who was now fully rebooted.  "If we can find the parts, I can repair her easily.  Then, all three of us can escape."
"Or, perhaps, we could commandeer this ship.  It would definitely suit our purposes, right?" suggested Steel.
"It is possible, but we know nothing about this ship's secu
:icongamma-v:Gamma-V 2 0
Mecha Sonic Reborn - Chapter 12
After ending his call with Metaro, Eggman took one last glance at the image on his computer before heading off to the hangar where his latest airship was stored, motioning for Orbot and Cubot to come with him.
"I must admit that you programmed Metaro very well, boss," praised Orbot.  "So long as he believes he's going to be a 'super robot hero,' and that you're his loving father, he'll continue to blindly follow your orders."
"This programming method was a bit of a gamble, but it seems to be working in my favor so far.  He's already managed to capture two of his future components."
"So...uhhh...How many more does he need?" asked Cubot while scratching his head.
The obese scientist let out an exaspirated sigh.  "Three, you metallic moron!  THREE!" he replied, waving a hand with three upright fingers in front of his more idiotic sidekick's face.  "Given how little trouble Silver and Mecha seem to have given him, Metal Knuckles and that otherwise-
:icongamma-v:Gamma-V 0 0
Mecha Sonic Reborn - Chapter 11
While Steel and Tia watched TV, Gray quietly walked into the hangar where the Tornado was stored, along with a supply of spare parts and tools used to maintain the biplane.  He called up the plans he had developed for an airship capable of carrying at least five Metal-class robots.  There were plenty of parts in the hangar to build a single-seated plane, but not enough to build what he needed for the Metal Rescue Mission.  He thought back to the Final Egg base where he was awakened, and to some of the data stored in his memory about the facility's layout.  Surely, the abandoned base would have more than enough material to build his airship.  The original Egg Carrier was massive!  He ran back to the TV, nearly running into Steel, who quickly blocked him from doing so.  "What's going on, Gray?"
"This workshop does not have enough materials to build our transport, but the Final Egg base must," he explained.  "If you were able to reacti
:icongamma-v:Gamma-V 0 0

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Kisui Iyoku: Arihant of The Stars by Gariandos Kisui Iyoku: Arihant of The Stars :icongariandos:Gariandos 17 5 Chrono Trigger- Ayla by MatiasSoto Chrono Trigger- Ayla :iconmatiassoto:MatiasSoto 281 47 TFA: Injector V2 by Fishbug TFA: Injector V2 :iconfishbug:Fishbug 23 1 Chrono Warm-up sketch by MatiasSoto Chrono Warm-up sketch :iconmatiassoto:MatiasSoto 61 11 Chrono Trigger- Frog by MatiasSoto Chrono Trigger- Frog :iconmatiassoto:MatiasSoto 139 22 Chrono Trigger- Robo by MatiasSoto Chrono Trigger- Robo :iconmatiassoto:MatiasSoto 171 92 Chrono Trigger- Magus by MatiasSoto Chrono Trigger- Magus :iconmatiassoto:MatiasSoto 161 66 Chrono Trigger- Schala and Janus by MatiasSoto Chrono Trigger- Schala and Janus :iconmatiassoto:MatiasSoto 370 69 Chrono Futurama by spacecoyote Chrono Futurama :iconspacecoyote:spacecoyote 3,736 0 Cosplay: Chrono Trigger Group by Risachantag Cosplay: Chrono Trigger Group :iconrisachantag:Risachantag 685 90 Robo of Chrono Trigger by Kansbar Robo of Chrono Trigger :iconkansbar:Kansbar 126 18 Robo by katethegreat19 Robo :iconkatethegreat19:katethegreat19 31 6 Badass Robo by mysticalpha Badass Robo :iconmysticalpha:mysticalpha 107 19 Robo by PaladinCecil Robo :iconpaladincecil:PaladinCecil 27 11 Tails vs. Robo Knux by NetRaptor Tails vs. Robo Knux :iconnetraptor:NetRaptor 380 71


Chrono Trigger Mobius - Marle the Cat
I chose a cat for Marle's Mobius incarnation mostly because of Ayla, who is her VERY distant ancestor.
Chrono Trigger Mobius - Crono the Hedgehog
A Hedgehog is a natural fit for Crono with his trademark spiky hair.  The reason he isn't wearing his shirt is to keep with the Sonic tradition of males not being fully dressed.


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